Bakery Ties & Closures

For years, bakeries have depended on Bedford Twist Tie® to meet consumer demands for product freshness and bag reclosability.

Our wire ties can be made with plastic, paper, or our most popular choice — a plastic/paper combination. From colors, patterns, shapes, and high-quality print — we have endless customizable options you can choose for your bakery closures.

A donut bag tin tie on Little Debbie zebra donuts
A tan bread twist tie on a Bimbo brand loaf of white bread

Our signature Double Wire Tin-Tie® and Peel & Stick® ties have been trusted by name brands for decades to bring quality reclosability to flexible snack packaging, like donuts or other baked treats.

Whatever your preference, we’ll help you find a quality closure for your baked goods and snack packages. logo


Red cut plastic cutties

Cut Tie

Fully encased wire with our exclusive “flush-cut” ends make our tie safe, easy to handle, and rust resistant. Our stock cuts are ideal for small and independent bakers needing a reliable closure with customizable color, size, and length options.

Printed Tie

Need more than a standard twist tie? Attract attention by creating a custom print or colorful, unique design. Or, coordinate your tie material to blend in with your package design.

Plastic coated twist ties wound around a spool.

Spooled Tie

Red twist tie roll

Precision Wound® Tie

We pioneered the perfect spool. Our Precision Wound spooled tie makes high-speed automation effortless with longer runs, faster machine rates, and less downtime.

An illustration of a tan twist tie on a loaf of bread


Red, wire-free twist ties on an illustrated bag.


PolyTwist is a metal-free twist tie that is microwaveable. Our patented PolyWire® core is the key to our wire-free tie. Available in spools or pre-cut lengths and a variety of colors.

Red donut bag tie illustration.

Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Red double wire tie illustrating adhesive back.

Peel & Stick®

plastic coated bendable wire on tortilla packaging


A red clip band with a tag illustrating securing a plastic bag.


A red bread bag clip illustrating securing a plastic bag of buns

CloseIt® Clip

An illustrated bread bag clip with attached flag on bread bun packaging

CloseIt® Flag

A red circle-shaped tag illustrating securing a plastic bag.

CloseIt® Tag

CloseIt Tag brings personality and uniqueness to an ordinary bread bag closure. These shaped tags make great reclosures for bagel packaging or any time you want to portray a premium product.

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With many twist tie colors and patterns, your bakery will be ready to make any number of product distinctions. A wide variety of options allows you to be the designer of your own custom packaging closure.


We design our packaging closures to be compatible with closure machines. Bedford machines, along with our reputable machine partners, provide automatic or semi-automatic application that is simple, fast, and effective.

Trusted Reputation

We introduced the bakery industry to a high-quality twist tie 55+ years ago. We’ve been a reliable partner ever since by adapting to the industry’s changing packaging needs and providing unbeatable customer service.


Bedford Twist Tie®


CloseIt® Flag

Bedford Twist Tie®

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