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We focus on a few specific characteristics with every product we make, and you’ll find these
in both our product design and in how it works. Twisting the world of problem-solving and creativity into one. (See what we did there? 😉 )

Bedford Twist Tie®

You’ve used them a million times, right? Bedford Twist Tie® products are everywhere. There’s a reason we’re the world leader. If you’re tying, closing, or bundling, we’ve got the product for you.

Cut Tie

Fully encased wire with our exclusive “flush-cut” ends make our tie safe, easy to handle, and rust resistant. In addition to our full range of stock cuts, we can help with custom colors, sizes, and lengths. You’ve got the best when it’s a Bedford Twist Tie®.

Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Bedford Double Wire Tin-Tie® spools do the job if your process utilizes automation equipment. We can pre-apply adhesive with our exclusive Clean Edge Technology®—so you have no sticky edges and no cumbersome hot melt equipment to maintain. Or, buy our Double Wire Tin-Tie® plain and apply the adhesive yourself. Standard and custom spool lengths are available in plastic, plastic/paper, paper or metallic, as well as custom printing options. Ask us about application equipment—from our own Peel & Stick® Applier to our large-scale machine partners.


ClipBand™ is ideal for bags that have a shorter neck or are made of a lighter weight material. Our wide variety of available lengths and colors will provide any sized bag with an easy-to-use reclosure.


ClipTag™ offers you a reclosable feature with the added bonus of a mini branded billboard! Combining function and creativity, this new tag closure brings unique possibilities to your packaging.

Spooled Tie

Use our spooled twist tie in your tying machinery, or cut to length from our spools and apply by hand. We offer a wide range of colors, custom printing, profiles, lengths, and spool put-ups. Need application equipment too? We can help guide you in the right direction—from desktop applicators to full-scale factory equipment.

Precision Wound® Tie

We pioneered the perfect spool. Our Precision Wound® spooled tie makes high-speed automation effortless with longer runs, faster machine rates, and less downtime.

Peel & Stick®

Bedford Peel & Stick® closures add value to your products as consumers love this reclosable feature! Pressure sensitive, Clean Edge Technology® makes Peel & Stick® easy to apply by hand or machine. We offer a wide variety of lengths and colors, including plastic or metallic finishes. Peel & Stick® closures can also be color-matched to enhance your package graphics or custom printed with your brand or message. Peel & Stick® closures can be applied to paper, plastic, and PET bags, so no hot melt required!


The perfect tie when a project requires a metal-free solution. Consumer-approved, microwaveable, and eco-friendly (ASTM D5511-02).

Gang Tie

Perforated sheets of ties are a consumer favorite. Almost any tie can be made into a “gang” tie, including our metal-free PolyTwist® tie. Our “gang ties” can be custom printed for branding, messages, or instructions.

Looking for a custom solution? We love a challenge.

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