A slow-moving drone video of Bedford Industries’ blue manufacturing buildings.

Careers and Culture

We are creators, makers, and innovators working together, sharing ideas, and creating new solutions for everyday problems. Design, Engineering, Production, Sales, Enterprise Technology, Accounting … – whatever team you find yourself on, the unique challenges we face are met with creative thinking, dedication, and teamwork. With opportunities to contribute in any number of areas, chances are you’ll find a place to use your talents and passion here.

Starting as Production Assistant during college, I have worked my way into a supervisor position within the Quality department. With the help of Bedford’s tuition reimbursement plan, I also recently graduated with my MBA. I feel fortunate to work for a family-oriented company that cares for their employees the way Bedford does.

Working at Bedford has been rewarding for my family and myself. Bedford has a great benefits package! With the expansion, innovations, and positions available on all three shifts, the opportunities at Bedford are endless!

Bedford has helped my life, allowing me to a higher quality of living. The company has made me very happy to work beyond the American standard.

Bedford Industries has been a family-owned company for over fifty years and the concept of family continues to be embedded in the culture. The family-oriented culture is what sets Bedford Industries apart from other employers.




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Bedford Industries, Inc. is a privately owned, entrepreneurial and innovative manufacturing company that was founded in 1966, to produce plastic-coated wired twist ties. Since then, we have developed a variety of products that enables manufacturers in promoting their brands and products with the ElastiTag® family of products. Our company represents high quality, often custom products, excellent customer service and has long-term, skilled, dedicated employees.


Since Bedford opened its doors in 1966, our employees have fostered a culture where coworkers are treated like extended family. Together, our family creates high-quality products for the bakery, produce, coffee, household, and medical industries — and we have some fun achieving our common goal together.

We are a team of professionals working in a casual environment that celebrate and encourage creativity, innovation, and work/life balance.

A small gym with cardio equipment, dumbbells, and benches.
Bedford Industries’ front office lobby with seating and receptionist desk.
A man and a woman pedal bicycles in a manufacturing facility
A man and a woman make food selections from a break room display of snack items.



Our employees’ physical and mental health and well-being are important to us. That’s why we offer the “total package” when it comes to health insurance and wellness programs.


Hourly/salaried wages, retirement planning, and bonuses — we recognize and reward our employees’ hard work with excellent pay.

Other Benefits

We encourage work/life balance, which is why we offer our employees generous paid time off throughout the calendar year. We also provide other activities and special perks to show our appreciation.

Tuition Reimbursement

We encourage continuous curiousity and professional advancement, which is why we support our employees that have the drive and desire to achieve their professional goals. By investing in their continued education, our employees have achieved numerous degrees or completed specialized trainings over the years. It’s a well-received program that has produced a return on investment for both our employees and us.

I began in Administrative Services and after about 3 months was promoted to Account Representative. I looked into the Bedford Reimbursement Program and thought this would be a great way to further my education in Business, by enabling me to do better in my position. If it weren’t for the reimbursement program, I don’t think I would have thought of furthering my education.

Thanks to Bedford, I was able to continue my education and to be better qualified in my position going forward. I'm grateful for the continued support from the Bedford family.

Thanks to Bedford and the State of Minnesota Grant, it made everything possible for me to pursue my education goals. With the help that I got, it gave me the encouragement and the will to make the time to make it happen. I would like to thank Bedford and the grant that made it possible for me to change my life. If I can do it, anyone can.

Through various classes in our graduate program, top management often showed interest, support, and engaged in discussion of specific areas of study. Without Bedford’s financial assistance, flexibility, and encouragement, we simply would not have acquired our graduate degrees.


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