Coffee Bag Closures

But first, coffee. Don’t let anything stand in the way between folks and their beloved cup of joe. Adding a Double Wire Tin Tie® or a Peel & Stick® tie as your coffee bag closure gives consumers an intuitive closure they’ll use effortlessly time and time again.

A bonus? The tie is as easy for you to apply to your bag as it is for consumers to use. Cheers to that!

Dunkin' Donuts Signature Series coffee bag with black tin tie ears extended against teal background.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive makes manual and semi-automatic application to your flexible bag a breeze! The Bedford Peel & Stick Applier saves time and labor with fast application of up to 30 bags per minute.

Looking for a functional closure that stands out on the shelf? Let us convert your bag film or try a different color or pattern that makes your java scream “Pick me! Pick me!”


Illustrated red Double Wire Tin Tie on clear coffee-style bag.

Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Bedford Double Wire Tin-Tie spools do the job when your processes utilize automatic tin-tie application equipment. Standard and custom spool lengths in plastic, plastic/paper, or metallic film, as well as custom printed options are available. Looking for high speed packaging equipment? Ask us about our machine partners.

Red double wire tie illustrating adhesive back.

Peel and Stick®

Double wire twist ties that fold down on bag

Roll N Close®

Red circular tag in center of coffee bag-style package attached by elastomer loop.


It’s our ElastiTag and Double Wire Tin Tie wrapped into one desirable coffee bag! The adhesive tin tie does the reclosing work while the tag pulls its point-of-sale marketing weight, making this duo an asset to your team!

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Signature Quality

A railroad patterned tin tie means only one thing: you have a reliable coffee bag closure that will outlast the contents of the bag. Consumers associate our signature railroad patterned tie with a trusted closure. When they see it on your coffee bag, they know they’ll be picking up a quality product, both inside and out.

Clean Edge Technlogy®

Sticky where you want it, not where you don’t is the mantra for our Clean Edge Technology. The non-sticky edges on our tie allow ease in handling when applying a reclosable feature to your bag.

Machinery Partner

If saving time and labor sounds appealing, we’ve got you covered! Our Peel & Stick and Roll N Close Applier machines can assist when adhering tie to flexible packaging for the reclosable feature consumers love!



Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Roll N Close®

Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Customers, Retailers, and Consumers can now Return and Recycle Bedford Tags & Ties

Bedford’s tags and ties are used in a variety of industries and households across the country. Due to the limited capabilities of the American recycling system, Bedford launched TagBack®, giving supply chain members and consumers a recycling option. Learn how to be part of the solution at

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