Functional Tie Solutions
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Any Instance

Because our tie material is used in so many different ways, it would be nearly impossible to categorize each and every use!

This gallery just touches the surface of ways our tie material can be customized for your unique closing or bundling needs.

Gold foil twist ties acting as a candy bag closure on a bag of Abdallah brand milk chocolate eggs.
a gang of white perforated trash bag ties with caution statement: “Warning – to avoid suffocation, keep plastic bags away from children.”
A paper tin tie secures a paper bag with transparent window showing granola bites.
A black heavy duty twist tie keeps a large garden hose bundled.
White bundling tie applied to a black electrical cord.
A yellow twist tie secures a plastic overwrap on a lemon poppy seed loaf of bread in a tin bread pan.
A white wire free garbage bag tie closes a bag of scented trash bags and a sheet of gang ties is near.

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Color, size, length, print, wire gauge, packaging — our tie material comes with a number of customizable options to make it the best-suited solution for any bundling or closing project.


Bedford machines, along with our reputable machine partners, provide automatic or semi-automatic application that is simple, fast, and effective. Need service or troubleshooting help? We do that, too!

Trusted Reputation

From our founding in 1966 to today, our customers have trusted us to provide the best packaging solution for their project. That level of trust has made us the largest twist tie manufacturing company in the U.S. You’d be hard pressed to find that kind of experience anywhere else.


Double Wire Tin-Tie®



Bin Ties

Customers, Retailers, and Consumers can now Return and Recycle Bedford Tags & Ties

Bedford’s tags and ties are used in a variety of industries and households across the country. Due to the limited capabilities of the American recycling system, Bedford launched TagBack®, giving supply chain members and consumers a recycling option. Learn how to be part of the solution at

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