Produce Packaging

Time is a valuable resource. Spend less time worrying about your produce packaging supplies and let the Bedford team help get your crop retail ready.

Our team of experts provide guidance to create quality produce ties and tags that meet retailer requirements and communicate your brand throughout its entire journey from farm to table.

A teal organic produce twist tie bundles a batch of cilantro.
A bib tie - a produce twist tie with attached tag - twists around leafy greens.

Submit your own artwork or lean on our graphics team to design your durable “mini-billboard” with your farm logo, brand colors, and barcode. Include country of origin, organic certification, or any other product details you want to communicate with consumers.

Add our TagBack® logo to the back of your tag to inform your customers how to upcycle your tie or tag! logo
"This is our first year using ElastiTag & it has revitalized our marketing potential. The tag has provided us ample space to promote our (dragon fruit)
& our customers love it!"




Red blank flag tie around illustrated leafy vegetables

Bib Ties® and Flag Ties®

Our Bib and Flag Ties give your produce a “mini-billboard” to share your farm story, inform consumers, and make your brand stand out! The tag hangs from the tie’s center (Bib) or end (Flag). Multiple sizes, custom print, and writable surfaces allow you to create exactly what you need for a water-resistant, rust-free solution!

A red vegetable twist tie on illustrated leafy produce.

Produce Tie

Brand identity, traceability, and product information—all on our top-quality Produce Tie. Choose from our standard options or customize with your brand colors, company logo, and farm-specific barcode. Offering widths from 1/4 inch up to 5/8” wide, depending on your preference. Even after days of shipping and water misting, your Produce Ties will look great—and stand out on the shelf.

A blank red Push Tag inserted in cabbage butt illustration.


Sturdy and water-resistant, PushTag is ideal for branding fresh produce with a thick stem, like cabbages and lettuces. With UPC and PLU barcode data, these attractive tags meet retailer expectations for quick, accurate scans at checkout. Swap your film overwrap for PushTag and reduce plastic packaging by more than 70%!

illustration of leafy greens bunched by a red produce tag


TagTies™ are similar to our Bib Ties but come as separate spools of material to run in our new Tag Tyer™. This breakthrough in produce automation allows the fresh produce industry to automatically apply your identification solutions in the field or packing shed.

A red elastomer band around an illustrated bunch of bananas

ElastiTag® Band

Printed face + stretchy elastomer = a branding/bundling solution that stretches for an ideal fit every time! Its reputation in the produce industry as a “banana band” keeps bananas bunched together, which is important for labeling and traceability. With 70% less plastic than a traditional plastic banana bag, it is a more eco-friendly produce packaging choice.


Just Snap-A-Tag onto a rubber band and you’ve got instant branding! Easily apply to large and small rubber bands or directly to the vine or stem of flowers for an effortless labeling solution. We bring our high-definition, custom printing to these durable, water-resistant tags.

A compostable bag closure securing a bag of apples.

CloseIt® Clip

A red hang tag on an elastomer loop attached to illustrated romaine lettuce


Brand and bundle with this one-piece tag! The durable elastomer safely attaches to fresh produce and stays in place though the complete supply chain. With many different sizes and shapes, ElastiTag is ideal for odd-shaped produce or with variable bundle sizes.

CloseIt® Flag

Flag your customers down with a custom-printed CloseIt Flag. Our best-in-class print and exciting Flag shapes come attached to a CloseIt Clip so you can automatically apply it with your current equipment.

A red circle-shaped tag illustrating securing a plastic bag.

CloseIt® Tag

CloseIt Tag brings personality and uniqueness to an ordinary fruit and vegetable bag closure. These shaped tags offer even more ways to be engaging, informative, and functional.

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With Bedford, you can be assured your produce packaging is in safe hands! We undergo routine audits of our facilities to maintain BRC certification. The certification shows we adhere to elevated quality, plant sanitation, and safety standards.


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