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in both our product design and in how it works. Twisting the world of problem-solving and creativity into one. (See what we did there? 😉 )



With “the ultimate hang tag,” let your imagination run wild. Brand, bundle, carry, and tote, there’s no end to what the ElastiTag® can do. And, with nearly an unlimited number of sizes and shapes, you’re bound to find the perfect ElastiTag®. If not, we’ll help you develop it. 

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A creative promotional option for carrying sample products or trial offers. With innovative combinations of elastomer loops, tags with perforations, folds, adhesives, slits, and shapes of all kinds—the possibilities are endless!


The newest addition to this stretchable bunch lets you go crazy with cool, intricate tag shapes! Our elastomer loop is still a benefit you’ll love. But on this premium product, it’s a different location so you have even more options to stand out on the shelf.


Looking to bundle your products together or need to reduce packaging? This innovative combination of substrate and elastomer adapts to even the oddest of shapes or sizes. Stick to our standard lengths and widths, or get creative with a custom, unique shape.


A versatile option for carrying sachets, packets, or other lightweight items. The combination of a tab with pressure sensitive adhesive, and a stretchy elastomer loop—gives you an easy-to-apply device for lightweight on-pack promotions!

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