CloseIt® Products

Think something small can’t make a big impact? Think again. We’ve intentionally designed our CloseIt Clips, Tags, and Flags to help brands achieve both function and flair in retail displays.

Our newest line of reclosable packaging is capable of transforming your vision into something big. Advanced printing technology and customizable shapes will give your bag closure a design that captures the uniqueness of your brand and ability to communicate with consumers time and time again!

Bag of potatoes with brown background secured by white bag clip with blue flag that says Kroger brand Idaho potatoes.
green mesh bag of limes on brown granite countertop closed by lime-shaped green clip tag with London Fruit brand.

Whether you have vertical or horizontal packaging, we have high-speed machinery options that make application a breeze. We also have a portable option for quick installation of CloseIt Clips from wherever is convenient.

Already have a clipping machine? You’re ready to roll! Bedford’s CloseIt Clips and Flags are compatible with most existing machinery.


A compostable bag closure securing a bag of apples.

CloseIt® Bio-Clip

A red bag clip illustrating securing a plastic bag.

CloseIt® Clip

A red circle-shaped tag illustrating securing a plastic bag.

CloseIt® Tag

A red clip and attached flag on a potato-style bag

CloseIt® Flag


A coffee bag with tin tie, loaf of bread & tortilla shells with twist tie, broccoli & radishes with identification tags.

Bedford Tie Products

From twist ties to Double Wire Tin Tie®, Bedford’s tie products are trusted in a number of industries throughout the world. Get creative with our customizable options, whether it be a distinct color or print, packaging configuration, or specialized spool size to fit your automation equipment.

ElastiTag bottleneck hang tags of various colors, shapes, and sizes hang from beauty, liquor, vitamin and beverage bottles.

ElastiTag® Products

Extend your brand and get creative! ElastiTag hangtags offer the most versatility for on-pack marketing. The colorful elastomer loop is flexible and stays in place for optimal shelf impact.

Plastic clip bag closures secure bags of lemons, limes, potatoes, and colorful hard candy.

CloseIt® Products

Bedford’s CloseIt line brings both function and flair to bag reclosability. The customizable prints and shapes of the clips, tags, and flags give brands a unique way to communicate with consumers time and time again!

Visit our CloseIt website to start your custom closure.